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It is no secret that many changes have been made to the healthcare industry, and there are probably many more to come in the next decade or so. To understand how all these things fit and work together is for you to attend the Healthcare Analytics Conference. As such, it is necessary to keep on top, if not slightly ahead of these changes so that you aren’t playing catch up or keeping your health organization as one of the outdated groups that no one trusts or turns to.  Some of the strongest tools that will allow you to stay relevant is to apply changes as they come your way, make necessary improvements to outcomes and to eliminate waste, which is costing your facilities.  One of the best ways to learn how to utilize these and other tools is to apply analytics within your organization.  

 Health Catalyst, who is an industry leader in analytics, has worked tirelessly to create a convention that provides an array of information, which is very significant and useful but is not presented in a manner that will leave attendees scratching their heads.  Many people think with a conference, especially one designed around a very technical subject, that it will be like sitting in a lecture hall in college with someone presenting rounds of information and you’re supposed to take notes and stay awake.  Instead, Health Catalyst has turned that perception on its head and thought of everyone attending first rather than just the presenters and presentation.  That’s not to say that this area is lacking. 

Keynote Speakers

Getting industry leaders to take time out of their busy schedules show the dedication that many of them have to the importance of analytics.  Dr. Don Berwick is the former administrator of CMS and a leading advocate for high-quality healthcare.  Liz Wiseman is a bestselling author and speaker on issues such as leadership and collective intelligence.  Anne Milgram is a former Attorney General for the state of New Jersey and a reformer for the criminal justice system.

Many other keynote speakers and presenters are also in the works.  But, as you can see, not everything is going to be centered only around healthcare and/or analytics; having experts in many other industries helps to diversify the knowledge base coming in and helps to present the good, bad and ugly that other industries have already experienced and bring that awareness to healthcare.

Provide CME Accreditation

CME or Continuing Medical Education may be required by some organizations as a way to perpetuate learning and growth within their walls.  Due to the nature of the Healthcare Analytics Conference, it takes into account the need for education, and the ability to fulfill the needs that could be asked of you.  Believe me when I say that this opportunity doesn’t come your way every day, and the activities and breakout groups that are planned will make this a unique experience and won’t make you feel like you’re sitting through lectures. 

Case Studies and Breakout Sessions

Because not everyone learns the same way, and there truly is no need to be lectured at, so Health Catalyst has made a point to incorporate different formats so as to increase retention, break up any sort of dull routine and extend the amount of time give to question and answer sessions.  By presenting case studies, you are able to relate on a more down-to-earth basis rather than trying to grasp hypotheticals.  The breakout sessions are specifically designed with more how-to basics and a variety of other support topics.

”Analytics Walkabout”

This is pretty much exactly like what it sounds, walking around to different stations that are set up with different areas of expertise and information, and being able to ask questions in a more causal setting.  For those that attended last year’s Healthcare Analytics Conference, you will see more ways to interact, which include laptops and screen displays that lets the present communicate more information about their knowledge and skill-base. 

Analytics All the Time

To drill home the point of what analytics is and can do for any health organization, polling, questions and answers, and networking will be watched and collected as a means of demonstrating the power of analytics.  As attendees interact on the Healthcare Analytics Conference app, information with be assembled and then broken out and visually presented so as to exhibit patterns and the microcosm that exists even within a small group of people.  This ability to present such dramatic information will help to reveal the power behind analytics, plus the potential for more real-world scenarios. 

Building of Personal Networks

One of the greatest assets that anyone can ever have is a friend in the business.  This is such an essential tool, and one that has been given more time and dedication to from years past.  This is the perfect atmosphere in which to not only break out of any shell you might have, but also to make connections that could make a huge impact on your organization both in the short- and long-term.  And, Health Catalyst knows that this shouldn’t always have to happen in the confines of a Conference, but also in very casual and fun experiences that happen outside the walls. 

Maybe all of these things added together are the perfect storm of reason why you need to attend.  Maybe it is just a couple of elements that you are really in need of to fine-tune your understand of analytics.  Either way, this is a unique opportunity that helps everyone gain a better grasp of how analytics is playing such a big part in many healthcare facilities and other businesses, as well building upon relationships that could be the difference between using analytics well, and being king of the hill.